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Below are listed well known string attributes of Version resource and shortcut names (aliases) that verpatch understands.

The aliases in the right column can be used with /s switch,
in place of language-neutral (LN) attribute names.
Attribute names are not case sensitive.

Lang.Neutral name English translation Aliases Note
Comments Comments comment
CompanyName Company company
FileDescription Description description, desc (E)
FileVersion File Version (*1`)
InternalName Internal Name title
Language (*2)
LegalCopyright Copyright copyright, (c) (E)
LegalTrademarks Legal Trademarks tm, (tm) (E)
OriginalFilename Original File Name
ProductName Product Name product
ProductVersion Product Version pv, productversion, productver, prodver (*1)
PrivateBuild Private Build Description pb, private
SpecialBuild Special Build Description sb, build
OleSelfRegister - - (A)
AssemblyVersion - - (N)


*1: FileVersion, ProductVersion should not be specified with /s switch.
See the command line parameters above.
The string values normally begin with same version number as in the binary header,
but can be any text. Explorer of WinXP also displays File Version text in the strings box.
In Win7 or newer, Explorer displays the version numbers from the binary header only.

*2: The "Language" value is the name of the language code specified in the header of the
string block of VSVERSIONINFO resource (or taken from VarFileInfo block?)
It is displayed by Windows XP Explorer.

E: Displayed by Windows Explorer in Win7

A: Intended for some API (OleSelfRegister is used in COM object registration)

N: Added by some .NET compilers. This version number is not contained in the
binary part of the version struct and can differ from the file version.
To change it, use switch /s AssemblyVersion value. Note: this will not
change the actual .NET assembly version.

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