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Post here comments and questions about the verpatch utility.

Disable leading-zero suppression?

first post: plong wrote: When I specify a version with leading zeros, verpatch encodes it af...

latest post: ddbug wrote: Merged your patch in v 1.0.15 today. Please check out. Thanks, dd.

Patching and existing file using langid

first post: Gilles67 wrote: Dear All Do you know how to change a version of an existing file ...

latest post: ddbug wrote: Sorry, this isn't implemented. So, need to change the source and re...

Question on use

first post: jemiller226 wrote: This tool looks like it will fill a need for me. I want to create a...

latest post: ddbug wrote: It will not create an empty dll. Not smart enough :-( Regards, dd

Can't get /rf to work

first post: rvoith wrote: I have been looking at verpatch and it seems to fit my need. I want...

latest post: ddbug wrote: This is a bug... thanks for reporting, I'll fix it. As a workaround...

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