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How to build verpatch

Just get the source and build.

The source is provided as Visual C++ 2010 and 2008 projects. It can be compiled with VC 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013 including Express.

The VC 2008 compatible project is in verpatch(vs2008).sln, verpatch.vcproj files. Files verpatch.sln, verpatch.vcxproj are for VC++ 2013 Upd.5 (can be possibly downgraded to VS 2010)

We prefer to link statically with the runtime library rather than use runtime DLLs, to "streamline user experience", as MS people use to say. You can link with DLL runtime, if you wish.

UAC note: Verpatch does not require any administrator rights and may not work correctly if run elevated.

The original source for CodeProject article demonstrates use of the UpdateResource API and imagehlp.dll.
It does not demonstrate a good use of C++, good coding style or anything else.


If you modify verpatch:

1. Change the version info (duh!) and built-in help text to reflect your changes. These two pieces are applied in the post-build step, which also is an example how to use verpatch.

2. Patches are accepted here. Click on the Upload patch link.

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